The Apple Store Replaced My Cracked iPhone 3G

So I took my iPhone out of its case and left it on the bathroom counter. A few minutes later it was swept onto the tile floor and the screen was shattered. Not good. I was displeased with myself to say the least.

A few days later I was in the Apple Store in Market Mall picking up my 15″ Macbook Pro that was having its 2.5 year old logic board replaced courtesy of Apple Care (money very well spent!). I showed the iPhone to the Apple employee at the Genius Bar and was told that they would replace it if I made a reservation and came back tomorrow.

I went back the next day for my reservation, showed the employee my iPhone, sheepishly told my story, and then he disappeared into the back. He emerged with a brand new iPhone (probably refurbished) in a tiny black box (not the original packaging). He switched out the GSM SIM card, I signed a Genius bar work authorization, and walked out of the store with a fully functional iPhone. The entire thing took less than 10 minutes.

I was instructed that this was a “one time” deal, and that I would have to pay for the repairs if I dropped the phone and cracked it again. But am I complaining? Not at all!